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How important are external vehicle checks for truck owners?

You should never discount the importance of external vehicle checks, particularly if you have been in the trucking and commercial vehicle business for a long time. External vehicle checks are as important as checking the cabin and internal components. Keeping your truck or vehicle fit for the long haul involves periodic external checks and prompt action based on the same. A long check list is often required to be created in this regard.

You should always be abreast of the haulage license (if applicable), tax and insurance formalities and other things before venturing out onto the road. Failure to comply with legal terms and conditions will land you in a really bad soup of sorts. Always check the tires for sufficient tread. Tread should not ear down quickly and a sign of this is when the surface of the road comes into contact with the tread indicator. The minimum value for tire tread depth stands at approximately 1.6 millimeters and this is something that you should be alert about.

Alongside, you should always be careful with regard to factors like pressure, proper inflation, deep cuts, damages, cracks, nicks and bulges when it comes to tires. Tires are the mainstay of every vehicle and deserve your keen attention when it comes to keeping them safe and sound. Also be on the lookout for perished or separated rubber as this can be really hazardous for your vehicle. Check the condition of the wheels thoroughly too; ensure that wheel nuts are in their proper places and fitted securely. The vehicle wheels should not possess signs of damage or cracks. The nut pointers should be fitted properly and should be lined up appropriately.

The lights and reflectors of the truck or commercial vehicle should be working properly and should have proper fittings too. The exhaust should be checked for proper positioning and also noise. Excessive noise or a grunt like sound on a recurring basis may mean trouble if you do not venture to identify and fix the problem. Check all connectors including cables and battery cables with care. Check for signs of damage on the vehicle body, guards, rear and side curtains, doors, tail lights, straps and the like.

All doors should be secure and should not close rather loosely. Body panels must be in good condition and should not be in risk of falling off. Also ensure that number plates are fitted properly. Number plates should always be visible for trucks and commercial vehicles. Conducting requisite external checks will be a huge boon for your commercial vehicle business.

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