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Truck owners and the necessity of daily checks and inspections

If you have a trucking business and also have a fleet of drivers scurrying across multiple areas for your business, you are better off training them to conduct daily checks for your vehicles. Why is this important? This ensures greater safety and automatically enhances the longevity of your business. Walk-around checks is the best possible solution in this scenario. You should look at training your drivers to conduct such checks on a daily basis. They should be provided an extensive check list for this purpose.

Drivers should possess knowledge of vehicle defects and should be able to detect them before it is too late! Knowing what to look for is always of help in this scenario and hence the need for a thoroughly prepared checklist. There should also be a transparent and effective reporting system for defects which helps in solving problems and keeping delay based losses at bay. Daily walk around checks should have drivers inspecting the entire truck very carefully along with particular safety components. Road worthiness should be the prime focus of any trucking business and this is one outlook that should be inculcated in all your drivers.

Drivers should make sure that EBS or ABS cables are securely placed and connected without any hassles. They should check whether close proximity and rear view mirrors possess proper alignment and are placed securely. Windows should be scrutinized for any damage or cracks. There should not be anything that hampers the vision of the driver and this is of paramount importance while conducting any walk around check. Other vital items on your checklist should include the seat belts, driving controls, safety belts and proper adjustment mechanisms for the driver’s seat.

The latter should enable easy access to all controls while driving and seat belts should not get stuck or rusty. The truck windscreen should be in good condition and wipers should be functional and not dead. The truck horn should work properly and the tachograph should not be faulty. The calibrations and hours should be correctly placed on the same and the unit should be fully operational too. Check the tires very carefully for leaks or any other signs of damage. Also make sure that you get tires of the right size!

All light displays and warning lights should be working properly in addition to gauges and instruments. Keep an eye out for air leaks and sudden changes in pressure as well. Daily checks will help you maximize productivity and profits without the chance of delays due to accidents and frequent breakdowns.

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